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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring System (TLS)


Electrocom is providing systems for remote monitoring also known as Telemetry Level System (TLS).


Electrocoms TLS gives the supplier and/or customer a general view on the exact content in all types of tanks. The system is web-based and designed for Real Time monitoring and just-in-time delivery of oil, gas and liquid supplies, but is suitable for practically all remote monitoring applications.

Key features:

  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Web-based interfaces
  • Easy to use and install
  • Automatic alarmhandling via. SMS or e-mail
  • EEx versions available for Gasolin and LPG installations




ElectroCom has delivered a turnkey solution for web-based remote monitoring and supervision. The solution is installed at attended and unattended sites and the customers range from smaller individual companies to large international players, such as Oil and Gasoline company Q8, using the solution for optimizing logistics, and pump manufacturer Grundfos, using the solution for pump testing purposes.


The ElectroCom TLS solutions are generally installed at a wide range of sites, including the Danish Fast-Ferry line, Mols-Linien, where it plays an important part in securing the daily operation of the two Catamaran Fast-Ferries.


The estate Giesegaard has a TLS system installed to ensure the crucial diesel supply during the harvest months, where any fuel shortage would have a negative effect on the harvest profits.


Diesel Engine manufacturer, B&W, in Frederikshavn, has a system implemented to monitor the diesel oil usage of two connected 30.000 Liter tanks in conjunction with long term engine tests.


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