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IQ-MPbus Gateway


The IQ-MP Gateway is a communications module, which interfaces MPbus Actuators to Trend BMS controllers. The system consists of both a IQ-MPbus Master and up to 3 IQ-MPbus Slaves per IQ3.


  • Direct Trend connection to the Belimo MPbus
  • Up to 8 VAV actuators can be interfaced with the IQ-MPbus Master
  • Up to 8 VAV actuators can be interfaced with 1 IQ MPbus Slave
  • Up to 3 IQ-MPbus Slaves can be connected to the IQ-MPbus Master
  • IQ-MPbus Master is compatible with both IQ2 and IQ3 Controllers
  • Total capacity of 32 VAV Actuators pr. IQ3


IQ-MPbus Gateway


IQ-MPbus Gateway

MP Gateway

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