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Connect Belimo MPbus actuators to Trend BMS


The IQ-MPbus Gateway is a communications module, which interfaces Belimo MP Bus Actuators and Trend BMS controllers. The IQ-MP Gateway is compatible with all types of MP actuators, both Belimo and TROX, including VAV controllers.


All MP actuators have the facility to connect an analogue sensor or digital input onto the MP Bus. In addition to the information fed back from the actuator itself, the IQ-MP Gateway allows all connected sensor values to be written into the Trend outstation, effectively giving up to 8 additional inputs to the system without increasing the controller size. The IQ-MPbus Master is suitable for use with both IQ2 and IQ3 series controllers, however when using IQ-MPbus-Slaves, an IQ3 Controller must be used.


  • Greatly reduces field wiring
  • Simplifies field wiring reducing likelihood of errors
  • Provides error code status for all connected devices
  • Provides enhanced functionality from actuators
  • Provides genuine positional feedback

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